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5 Benefits Of Air Conditioner Tune-Ups!


There’s a reason your air conditioner requires regular tune-ups: they ensure that your AC is running as efficiently as possible and keep you and your family cool all summer long. Here are five benefits of air conditioner tune-ups in Peoria, AZ:

1. Improved efficiency: Regular tune-ups help keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency, which can save you money on your energy bills.

2. Fewer repairs: AC tune-ups help prevent small problems from turning into larger, more expensive repairs.

3. Extended lifespan: With regular tune-ups, your air conditioner will last longer before needing to be replaced.

4. Better indoor air quality: AC tune-ups help remove dust and debris from your air conditioner, improving the quality of the air in your home.

5. Peace of mind: Knowing that your air conditioner is running properly can give you peace of mind during the hot summer months.

Air conditioner tune-ups are an important part of keeping your AC running properly. It is recommended to hire a professional AC tune-up.

What Is Included In An AC Tune-Up

When you schedule an AC tune-up with a professional, they will perform the following checks:

  • Check and clean the condenser coils
  • Check and clean the evaporator coils
  • Check and clean the air filter
  • Inspect the blower motor
  • Inspect the refrigerant levels
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Test for proper airflow
  • Calibrate thermostat

These are just some of the things that will be done during a tune-up. Depending on the company, you may get additional services such as duct cleaning or a safety inspection. If the unit is displaying serious repairs, you should schedule emergency air conditioning services in Peoria, AZ.

Five Star Air is a professional air conditioning company that offers AC tune-ups in Peoria, AZ. We will come to your home and perform all of the checks listed above. Also, our AC unit replacement cost in Peoria, AZ is very competitive. So, if you need a new unit, we can help you with that as well.

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